Hey guys!! Where have I been? Playing tf2 of course! :^) Here’s some doodles of myself and Kyle as our favorite/most played classes.

quick sketch! trying to get back into the groove of things. the fact that the Demoman is a canon werewolf makes me super happy. :’^)

hello! i can’t seem to draw characters right now so i’ve been doing a lot of digital painting instead. lots of werewolves. not sure if i’ll finish any of it, to be quite honest.

(kinda sorta) quick fanart i did for hyrule warriors! it’s gonna be so rad getting to play as all my favorite fictional gfs. B^)

i’ve been playing A LOT of tf2 lately…..i wanted to get into it sooner, like back in 2009 when i first saw the meet the scout video, but mmos kind of freak me out. but thanks to my best friend Kyle and also Jerma985 and his amazing tf2 gameplays, i finally got the courage to start playing! i really gravitated towards demo, so he’s definitely my favorite class to play!! so here’s a doodle of him. more tf2 art soon, probably.

palette challenge!! i asked my friends which ones i should do and they all suggested my OCS IN THE PERFECT COLORS..I WAS SO HAPPY…

here’s the post that i used. click on the images to see who suggested what!!

i was out a lot this week so i heard that song “classic” by mkto a bunch of times on the radio— and it always makes me think of susan, so i thought i’d try to redo this piece from around this time last year since i’ve been feeling like drawing summery stuff!! i didn’t take too long on this one but dang it made me feel really good!!!